Ongoing Classes

Mondays, 7:00 pm – English as a Second Language (ESL)

Will resume in the Fall

Tuesdays, 1:00 pm – Women’s Bible Study

Discussion Leader: Dana Pratt
This lunch-time discussion group chooses its own topics. Always a lively and interesting interchange!

Tuesdays, 7:00 pm – Round-Table Discussion Class

Discussion Leader: Ray Pratt
Open to all. Chapter by chapter, we read and discuss a book of the Bible. We’re currently studying the Life of Moses.

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Fall Term Classes

Stop Being Dysfunctional – Forever

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – September 7 – October 5  (5 weeks)
Instructor: Dyron Hamlin (via distance learning from Arkansas)

Why are there so many dysfunctional people?  Can you be a believer and still be dysfunctional?  What does it even mean to be “dysfunctional”, and how does it compare with functional living?  Can anyone be truly functional?  We’ll explore Bible answers to these questions under five headings:
– The Fear of the LORD
– The Road to Happiness
– 30 Wise Sayings
– The Conclusion of the Matter
– The Two Great Commandments

NEW! Biblical Application Series

Thursdays, 7:00 pm – September 8 – November 10  (10 weeks)
Register for any or all in the series

Classes 1-2:  Faith Applied to Modern Living: Is it Possible? (Sep 8-15) – Andy Bilello, Maryland
Is it even possible in this day and culture to have an active faith?  We will explore putting our faith into action when many around us have given up on faith.

Class 3:  Biblical Principles for Managing Personal Finances (Sep 22) – Richard Farrar, Ontario
We all live under the effects of the curse placed on Adam – and therefore life will always be a struggle in some ways. Struggling with financial issues is often part of this, but Biblical principles can help us!

Class 4:  Loving Our Neighbors: Refugees (Sep 29) – Dan Richard, Chicago
There is a crisis in America regarding refugees, and a lot of confusion. The Christian is called to help anyone in need, so this class will look at practical ways each person can help a recent refugee to our country.

Classes 5-7:  Bible Principles for Digital Media (Oct 6-20) – John Perks, Ontario
It’s been called a love affair, a revolution, and an epidemic. Digital media provides opportunities that can be exciting, rewarding, and perhaps frightening. In our rapidly changing world it’s vital to stop and consider what effects digital technology and content are having on our lives as Bible believers. We’ll examine trends in digital media, what happens when it controls us, and how we can use Bible directives to keep our use of digital media under control.

Classes 8-10:  Addiction, Anxiety, Depression (Oct 27-Nov 10) – Rachel Launchbury, Oregon
Addictive behaviors and/or mental illness affect many, perhaps ourselves or ones we love. In these classes led by a professional in the field, we will explore the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of addiction and recovery. We will define addiction, learn about brain chemistry, unravel the stages of change, and review the 12-step programs and the spiritual implications of such programs.
Taking Action from the Book of James

Wednesdays, 7:00 pm – October 12 – November 9  (5 weeks)
Instructor: Brian Ross (via distance learning from Texas)

Quickly uncover core Christian teachings in the book of James, and immediately put them into practice in meaningful ways!  Bonus: each week you’ll receive one step of the five step tool needed to do this on your own with any portion of scripture.
December Series

Thursdays, 7:00 pm – December 1 – 15  (3 weeks)
Instructor: Paul Elliott (via distance learning from Florida)

Dec 1 – Jesus: Changing Our View of God
Jesus came to offer his life as a sacrifice, to open the way of salvation. And he did much more!  Of all people who have ever lived, he changed the world more than anybody else—he revolutionized the way the Jews, and the rest of the world, think about God.

Dec 8 – The Tree of Life
The Bible uses trees as imagery to teach us various lessons. One of the most interesting, and puzzling, uses of trees are the references to the “Tree of Life”. Was or is this a real tree? Is there a lesson in what we know about this Tree of Life that will help us today?

Dec 15 – The Bible Formula for Life
Salvation is a concept of enormous importance, and with many dimensions. Yet the Bible presents us with a very simple Formula for Life which teaches us how to attain salvation, and how to live our lives. This simple, helpful, formula seems to apply to both mortal life and eternal life—the first and second creations.

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